Horticultural Consultancy

Horticultural Consultancy

Mike Fisher BSc Hons Horticulture offers expert advice for improving planting schemes, specialist renovation pruning of neglected specimen shrubs and small trees.

We can produce a year round maintenance plan to tell you what needs doing and when to do it, empowering customers to do their own gardens.

We provide suggestions to improve habitats for local wildlife using native and non-native plant. We can create a list of suggested plants selected for unfavorable sites and poor soil conditions (boggy, dry shade, gardens built on rubble, alkaline and acid etc).

We can identify existing and plants and pernicious weeds that need to be tackled,and any troublesome pest and diseases.

All of these unique services are offered at a reasonably price and we will travel to most areas in the East Midlands. Further a field will include additional travel expenses.

Please contact us for further information.