Presentations and Talks

Mike Fisher (Bsc Hons Horticulture)Plant Revelations regularly give informal talks and presentations to Gardening Clubs and Horticultural groups up and down the country.

We try where possible to use our plants as props and give an opportunity for the audience to buy plants after the session. However PowerPoint presentations can be arranged.

Talks will be given by Mike Fisher (Bsc Hons Horticulture) and can be tailored to a specific subject or interest of the target audience as long as it’s horticulturally related.


Past Talks have included:

  • Plants for Late Colour and adding year round interest in the garden– A lot of gardens look their best in spring but not many have much interest by the end of summer. In this talk Mike Fisher reveals techniques to extend the flowering of existing planting as well as introducing the audience to new varieties and species of plants that will add colour and vibrance in September/October time, when most other gardens will be looking tired.
  • Plants for Dry shade– Dry shade can be some of the most challenging spots in the garden to get plants to thrive. In this talk Mike provides some ideas for planting up a dry shaded spot and shows the audience how to identify good plants for dry shade, as well as management techniques to improve the troublesome site.
  • Creating a Tropical Garden using hardy plants– Mike Fisher has grown many exotic and unusual plants for the past decade. He brings a selection of his best specimens to show the audience accompanied by a botanical background of each plant and his top growing tips.
  • A Master Class in Pruning– Always confused on when and or how to prune your Fruit Trees, Buddelia, Mock Orange or Ceonothus and then how much do you take? Are you one of those people who just reaches for the shears and hedgetrimmers when you don’t know what to do and prune everything into balls? Well worry no more because in this talk we outline some basic pruning rules and handy techniques for all the groups of shrubs and trees you are ever likely to come across.
  • Gardening for Wildlife-A presentation on the top techniques and plants for attracting pollinators, birds and other beneficial beasties to the Garden. A wildlife garden need not have to be messy or full of just native plants.
  • How to create a drought tolerant Garden– Plant Revelations talk through Horticultural techniques to improve dry conditions in the garden as well as how to select the right plants for the right situation that will thrive.

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